Sony Blu-Code BAE-VX1000

New Features in Version 4.0:
-Stream ID Generator
This feature can super impose a bit map picture into AVC/MPEG stream while encoding.
-Bit-rate display function
Function to display bit rate conversion value of amount of frame generation bit
in review display area on Customize Review screen.

Improvement of features
-The default value of MaxBitrate of Encode/1PassCBR is changed to the optimum value.
Change to our recommend bit-rate that is most efficient for encoding.
-VTR Type detection and setting is added to Capture/Option.
Addition of mode that can arbitrarily select VTR series
in addition to automatic detection of connected VTR Type.
-Hold the setting of external monitor output of source manager
The default configuration is changed to the SDI/HDMI output status.

Improvement of picture quality
-Picture quality improvement of letterbox size picture H.264/AVC
-New preset parameter is added to the DCT Size item of the Encode parameter.
It flexibly corresponds to the characteristic of the picture by three settings Level.
-Additional recommended parameter is "Black Belt".
It assists to optimize picture quality by combination of DCT Size and Scaling List.

Bug fix
-Correction of the wrong indication of the intenal status, "Auto Start"
"Auto Start" is unchecked on the GUI even if Easy encode is set.
Fix to check Auto Start when using Easy Encode.
-Correction of the wrong indication of the intenal status, "Force SDI Field Mode"
"Force SDI" is unchecked on the GUI when Customize window is launched.
Fix to check "Force SDI".
-Correction of the wrong indication about the video format in the Capture Project
The wrong video format is displayed when you open the exist capture project.
Fix display of video format correct.

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Sony Blu-Code BAE-VX1000

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