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Plug-ins for Ad0be AfterFX from CS5 to CC 2022

all releases from Team V.R only for V.R members "beta" testing and password for all archives VR4ALL
for unpack new format RAR archive required WinRAR 5 or Total Commander 8.5


PRM video plug-ins for Premiere Pro & Media Encoder

  • Boris RED v5.6 CE
  • Calibrated{Q} Creators Pack CE
  • Cinegy Turbocut v20.7.1.27 CE
  • Cinema Grade v1.1.15 CE
  • Comprimato UltraPix v1.0.6 CE
  • Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation v7.0.298 CE
  • FanDev CuteDCP Pr v1.5.11 CE
  • FilmImpact Premium Video Transitions V4.7.2 CE
  • iZotope RX Loudness Control v1.0.3 for Media Encoder
  • Editing Essentials Bundle 26/10/2017 CE
  • Minnetonka SurCode Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Encoder v1.0.1.63 CE
  • Neat Video Pro v5.0.2 CE
  • NewBlue TotalFX7 221118 CE
  • Pixelan 3D Six-Pack v1.2.5
  • Pixelan CreativEase v2.0.4
  • Pixelan Masters Bundle 2015 CE
  • Pixelan SpiceMaster PRO v2.5.5
  • Pixelan SpiceMaster PRO v2.5.5
  • Red Giant PluralEyes 2023.0.0 CE
  • Rubber Monkey CineMatch v1.21 CE
  • Sorenson Squeeze Pro v11.1.0.9 CE
  • Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse Pl 3.1.0 CE
  • TeleStream: Episode Pro 7.5 CE
  • timeinpixels plug-ins bundle 2020.2 CE
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC v1.1.8.25 CE
  • WoOWave WoOSync Pro BLUE.


    VST & VST3 audio plug-ins for Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Audition & other DAW now here


    Ad0be main general solution

  • Creative Cloud 2018 - AntiCloud
  • Creative Cloud 2017 - AntiCloud
  • Creative Cloud 2015 - AntiCloud
  • Creative Cloud 2014 - AntiCloud
  • Creative Cloud - AntiCloud
  • Creative Cloud - AntiCloud (with CS6 support)


    P.S. some lost Photoshop plug-ins

  • Boris FX Optics v2022.5.2 CE
  • Boris FX Sapphire 2023.02 CE for Photoshop
  • Dehancer Film Ps/Lr v2.3.0 CE
  • Digital Anarchy Beauty Box PS v5.0.6 CE
  • Digital Anarchy Primatte PS v5.1.2 CE
  • DFT EZ Mask v3.0v5.1 CE
  • DFT Light v4.0v6.1 CE
  • EVEnX QRCode Generator v2.2.0
  • Imagenomic Portraiture v3.0.2.7 CE
  • Pixelan FilmTouch 2 Pro
  • Ximagic XiDenoiser v4.9.4
  • Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PS v6.1.1

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